1 pair of Khakis, 2 killer looks

Khaki pants have always been a staple of the southern wardrobe. Wear them with some Sperrys, or polo shirt, or North Face vest, it doesn’t matter….they work. How about we dress them up a bit? Keep these looks in mind for the warmer months. Got a summer outdoor wedding? Go with the look on the left. The Rayban Clubmasters are a great touch, provides some added sophistication while letting you see in the direct sunlight. Form and functionality.
Going for the listing on beach front house on Isle of Palms? Be prepared to “sign on the line that is dotted” (Glengarry Glen Ross), in duds on the right. Remember guys, just because it is not a full suit, does not mean that it can’t be dressy. Just leave the cargoes at home.
1 pair of Khakis, 2 killer looks