3 Food and Beverage Tips for an Outdoor Summertime Wedding


Picture your ideal summertime wedding: sipping chilled champagne with friends, indulging in delicious red velvet cupcakes, watching the sunset with your new groom. Al fresco weddings during perfect weather give the impression of simplicity, but the truth is far from simple – it takes a lot of work to simulate all that ease! Planning an outdoor Southern wedding during the spring or summer is still possible, though – just follow these tips from all of us at Wow Factor Cakes!

Red Velvet
Red velvet cupcake by Wow Factor Cakes. Photo by Cunningham Photo Artists.


Throw Back Water First

The alcohol-infused party doesn’t have to start right after you officially become husband and wife. The hotter it is, the more hydrated your guests should be. As soon as you offer alcohol, you can bet your bottom dollar that cocktails – not cold water – will be flowing. Ask your caterer to pass out virgin beverages during cocktail hour (flavored iced teas and pink lemonade, for example) and don’t open up the bar until the reception.

Protect the Cake

Not to worry, your wedding cake isn’t going to melt into a pile of warm frosting. It is important, though, that you keep the cake out of direct sunlight, which could have an effect on buttercream and ganache. We suggest a rolled fondant or marzipan-iced cake for the dog days of summer. We don’t suggest icings and fillings that need a cooler setting, like whipped cream or pastry cream. Have your heart set on dessert that’s fruit-filled and cream cheese-topped? No problem! Ask your baker to create a mini cake for display and to refrigerate the dessert that’s made with your preferred ingredients.


Cake by Wow Factor Cakes. Photo by Fusion Photography.

Consider a Cocktail Reception

A big meal in July or August heat can be too much for your guests. If you’re having a wedding that’s on the casual side and you don’t mind skipping a sit-down dinner, think about having a cocktail reception. Small plates and hors d’oeuvres can be served throughout the day and evening – nobody will get overly full and uncomfortable, but everyone will still stay happily fed.


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