3 “Must Haves” If You Want to Sleep At All On a Vacation With Babies


Our boys just turned 16 months! With that comes all sorts of fun exciting changes. With that also comes the realization that hotel stays don’t happen as frequently as they did before children. Cabin fever sets in, time to go on a trip. Rewind to Memorial Day weekend. My wife and I decided to take the kids to the beach in Charleston, SC. We had the pack and plays, we thought we were good to go. We ended up not sleeping much that week. Something that we did not take into consideration: since our kids could see us, they wanted to be with us, no matter how long they had to vocalize it to make it happen. We regrouped, did some internet shopping, and braved the outside world once again. My wife had a couple of packages show up at the house. 1) Sleepaway Baby The Traveling Nursery 2) KidCo Peapod. I will admit two things, first, I was a bit skeptical and wondered if we saved the receipts. Second, my wife yet again proved to be brilliant. Sure, she did not invent these two products, but she came through in a big way purchasing them! We slept solidly in the same hotel room as our babies all week.

KidCo Peapod: It is essentially a mini camping tent. You put the rugrat in, zip it up, and they are in a nice, small, safe area to sleep. Simple, folds up into a nylon bag the size of a medium pizza.

KidCo Peapod – Cranberry

Sleepaway Baby The Traveling Nursery: It is a four walled, open top, nylon structure. Think of it as horse blinders for your mini tent that the kid is sleeping in. It will also fit around pack and plays. The minute you put that over the tent, visually, your child is back in the nursery, worlds away from mom and dad. This thing needs to be placed in some museum, it is a vacation saver. It folds up into a nylon pouch about the size of a smaller garbage can lid.

Sleepaway Baby The Traveling Nursery
Sleepaway Baby The Traveling Nursery

HoMedics Sound SPA Relaxation Sound Machine: We already owned this, but if we didn’t, we would be buying it. It has a bunch of different sounds like waves and thunder. We stick with the traditional “white noise” setting.

HoMedics Sound SPA Relaxation Sound Machine

Take my word for it, you combine these three, and try to keep it somewhat dark and somewhat quiet…..your children are pretty much in their own sensory deprivation chamber, fast asleep….and so are you.

Happy travels new parents! House arrest is over!