A Weekend in Music City, USA – Part 1


A recent trip to Music City, Nashville, TN inspired my southern roots that run deep down in my heritage and left me craving more of what Music City has to offer.

Visiting the historic Ryman Auditorium, affectionately known as the Mother Church of Country Music and absorbing the rich history the building boasts will leave you in awe. As you stand in the auditorium, taking in the architecture, the stained glass windows, the massive stage and what seems like never ending rows of church pews, you can’t help but take yourself back in time. The auditorium was originally built and named the Union Gospel Tabernacle; it was Tom Ryman’s completed vision for a place of worship. As time went on, the auditorium became the social center for events in the area. Some legends were born in the Ryman and many more established legends have graced the stage. Hank, Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline are among some of the artists who performed on the legendary stage and amazed the crowd. The Auditorium is also well known for introducing blue grass music to the masses. Thank you Ryman!

Ryman Auditorium
Center stage at Ryman Auditorium

As you walk in, be sure to take a few minutes to watch the video depicting the rich history of the Auditorium before taking a guided or self guided tour. As you walk around, explore the exhibits showcasing some of the legends who have played and performed in the Ryman and don’t forget backstage, it is a must see. You will find yourself soaking in the history, culture and everything that makes the Ryman historical as you imagine what it must have been like to eagerly await your favorite artist of the time to take the stage. Even more, backstage you can place yourself in the artist’s shoes and take a moment to imagine what it must have felt like to see the crowded auditorium as you prepare to take the stage.