All’s fair, in the South

Autumn doesn’t officially start until September 23rd. This hasn’t stopped me from unknowing marking falls kickoff as the North Carolina Mountain State Fair though. Held around the same time every year, it’s become a staple for people in the area to go to when the air is just starting to get a little crisper. I can’t speak for people that go during the day but if you go at night you get the hint that the seasons change is just around the corner.
The fair has something for everyone and as someone who has gone for quite a long time I can tell you that it keeps getting better. Food, rides, animals, and exhibits tick all the boxes for everything you look for when going to an event like this. 
Fair Food is a big deal, people get serious about it. For many it’s the main reason to go to a fair. This year I think they had the largest selection to date so there was something to temp every palate. From BBQ to giant turkey legs I saw it all. Something I’ve apparently missed until this year was Elephant Ears. Now I want to make it clear I’m one of those people that are faithful to Funnel Cakes. Its tasty simplicity has had me hooked for years. The sugar and cinnamon Elephant Ear dessert caught my eye this time though and I decided to give it a try. The best way to describe it is chewy and doughy on the outside like a funnel cake and crisp and tasty towards the center.
The Food choices didn’t seem to be the only thing that got larger. There were more rides than I have seen before. My favorite always is the bucket chairs that go across the entire length of the fair.
After you have eaten your fill of yummy food that will take miles to burn off its best to take a turn around the stables and look at all the animals. There are sections divided up between the various breeds and packs of children surrounding the cuter animals. Horses, mini horses, donkeys, cows, calves, bunnies, bulls, sheep, goats, and the crowd favorite pygmy goats round out the herd this year at the fair.
I highly recommend that you check out the North Carolina Mountain State Fair in the future. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the end of summer and the start of fall.