Biltmore Estate Offers Up a Perfect Easter Experience


The weather could not have been better today. It was sunny, I mean really sunny. It served as a reminder that we need to start packing the sunblock. I did not see a cloud. 74 degrees, etc. The kind of weather that postcards depict. The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC is the largest home in America. Not only that, but today, it had to have one of the highest concentrations of spring dresses, Easter outfits, strollers, plastic eggs, and Easter bunnies dressed in period outfits. This was our first, but definitely not our last Easter at Biltmore.

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The walled gardens below the estate boast 90,000 blooms, the majority being a beautiful carpet of flowers that provide the perfect backdrop for family photos, or to just sit on a bench and relax and take in the views.

After you have taken in the sights of the house, the views, the gardens, and the greenhouse (which is massive), I suggest making your way over to Antler Village. Their are shuttles that will take you there, or you can drive your own car. You can walk, but the estate sits on 8,000 acres, so it will take you a while to do that. There are horse tours and bike rentals as well. There was live music in the square of Antler Village. The perfect setting for one to enjoy a root beer float with ice cream made from the dairy on the estate.

Have you been to the Biltmore Estate? What is your favorite part? (Mine is a toss-up between the library and the wisteria vines outside).