Cooking Class – Dough, Asheville – “Southern Comfort Food”


I want to start out by saying I have never taken a cooking class. I had no idea what to really expect. I had seen a Paula Deen cooking demonstration and knew that a class where you got hands on experience was really what I wanted. With a demonstration you don’t get to interact with the food you are making, you just simply watch and like most people I learn by doing not watching.

I had seen Dough at 372 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville, NC out running errands and although I didn’t have time to stop from the outside it looked cool and interesting enough to “google” once I got home. Besides being a bakery and restaurant they also offer prepared take home meals.

I saw they offered cooking classes and immediately knew I wanted to sign up. The selection they offer is quite a wide range. From pasta and pizza making classes to desserts and comfort food they really run the gamut on offering everything that a person might be interested in.

The “Southern Comfort Food” class jumped at me and my best friend and I signed up online. Chicken and dumplings, Chicken pot pie, and chicken noodle soup was the food we were making.

The classroom is totally glassed in and separated from the retail space of the shop. It’s pretty impressive looking and I knew walking in that it was going to be a great experience. There were large tables with some of our ingredients chopped, along with aprons to wear, and the recipes for what we would be making. The instructor, Matt Wyatt, introduced himself as a chef at the restaurant along with three assistants that also worked there. Total there were seven people taking the class. I think this is important to note because it gives you an idea of the ratio of people helping versus the students which for some of the more complicated parts of the recipes came in handy.

DOUGH - Classroom Entrance

Matt first started with the demonstration of chicken and dumplings followed then by us starting and making our own. We were supplied with all the ingredients and given help along the way when needed. The class progressed like this for the rest of the night. Demonstration then we make our own. The chef circulated as we cooked along with the assistants helping when we needed.

DOUGH - Classroom

Our chef/teacher was very knowledgeable and funny. The class was two and a half hours long and we managed to cook everything in that short amount of time from scratch.

Classes start at around $55 which is well worth it. You take home a large amount of food you made and have fun. I will be signing up for more classes in the future!
Retail Space

DOUGH - Retail Space


Everything I took home

DOUGH - Comfort Food Take Home


The food was fantastic. I was extremely impressed with this course! Have you taken any cooking classes that you enjoyed?


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