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Put the Sweet Taste of the South in Your Mouth

ChelleMichelle Weber, creator of Southern Curves Spirits, is a true Southerner. She has been a resident of Savannah, Georgia her entire life. Her Vodka is created for women, by women. We want women to be confident of who they are, and to always believe in themselves. Our Vodka is armed with the attitude of the South. Real women, real bodies, real curves, and the sweet taste that are Southern favorites.

Southern- Because we are Southern. We are created in the South and Southern owned.

Curves- Because life throws you all sorts of curves. The three women behind the brand have all had curves in there life. Michelle Weber has been through abuse, loss of family members and being homeless.  Amy Headrick is a survivor of domestic violence and Kimmie Weber is three time cancer survivor. We have all endured some very hard times in life but never let it stop us from pushing forward and believing in ourselves. Hard work and determination for a better life is what we believe in. We not only want our brand to be a Premium Vodka, we want our brand to empower women, to show everyone that has endured hard times to never give up. It is all about how you overcome the curves that life throws your way. Also women have curves, be proud of who you are. It would be a boring world if we all looked alike. Be proud of your individuality.

Southern Curves premium flavored vodka’s are carefully created from corn and wheat grain with a hint of vanilla, 6 times distilled with natural flavors for a smooth and sweet taste. Both flavors work well mixed, or served neat!


Made of wheat and barley, six times distilled, hand cut resulting in a spirits that’s smooth and rich with subtle notes of vanilla.  Neked is 80 proof and 40% alcohol by volume, 750 ml bottle. (Available this summer)

Southern Praline

Sensual mixture of toasted pecans and crunchy brown sugar candies.  Southern Praline is 70 proof and 35% alcohol by volume, 750ml bottle.       

Sweet Georgia Nectar

A brilliant blend of honey suckle, peach, and jasmine. Sweet Georgia Nectar is 70 proof and 35% alcohol by volume, 750ml bottle

We Believe in perfection and created our brand to appeal to all of your Senses.

Sight – With Exquisite packaging.

Touch – A satin finish chrome bottled that is bartender friendly.

Smell – Extensive research completed for each flavors ingredients to maximize and prefect the aroma.

Taste – 6 times distilled with natural ingredients in a brand new state of the art distillery

Sound – Southern Curves song by Sydney Hutchko, recorded in Nashville, TN.






















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