It’s not a box of food, it’s a box of culture


We began Batch exactly a year ago, shipping out our inaugural box this time last year. What we thought would be a nice passion project and something to enjoy as a side gig has quickly turned into our main focus and we couldn’t be happier. And what we’ve discovered in the last 12 months is that the south is a hotbed for delicious food, wonderfully made crafts and art, and most importantly, a culture all its own that people around the country want a piece of.

You. Batch Nashville. Batch Nashville. You……you have now been introduced

Let me back up – early last year, two friends and I thought it would be neat if we could offer to others all the things we love about Nashville in a convenient way. While a storefront downtown somewhere would be cool, it would also be time, capital, and labor intensive. Could there be a better way?

Southern Samplings

We needed look no further than our own mailbox. The rise of subscription box services can’t be denied, but everywhere we looked, no one was trying to capture the taste, smells, sights, and crafts of a particular city and offering them to people on a monthly basis. So we decided we’d be the first. It was our chance to take the stuff we found at farmers markets, gift shops, coffee houses, and bakeries and spread them far and wide. And, Batch Nashville was born.

Special Delivery

Each month, we send four awesome things that are made in and around Nashville to our customers (we’ve since expanded to offer this service from two other Southern cities as well: Memphis and Charleston). Recipients don’t know what’s coming until their batch shows up, but they know it’ll be delicious, well made, and explicitly southern.

Sip. Swish. Enjoy. Repeat.

After our first batches landed on doorsteps last September, word spread. To date, we’ve mailed over 13,000 boxes to all 50 states. Clearly, what the south makes is wanted near and far. We know this is true not only of our subscription offerings, but also the gifts available on our site, many of which pull from multiple cities. On top of all that, companies are asking to send boxes to clients and employees, brides want to thank attendees with these goods, and charities are using our products to raise money for good causes.


But what’s most impressive to see is the spirit of the Southern maker. There is a dedication and commitment to quality, a love of craft and skill, and a pride in one’s work, humbly served up for people to enjoy. We can’t do what we do if people aren’t out there working hard, chasing a dream, and building a life.


We know this because we have seen up close that the south is about more than barbecue sauce and biscuit mix. It’s about oatmeal and cocktail mixers, fragrant soaps and organic granola. Breaking the mold – something the South does so well – we’re continually impressed by a region and its people that dares to dream while putting in the hard work to make something that’s of the highest quality and integrity.


So when you order a box from us, you’re not just getting food or stuff. You’re getting sense of the culture we’re finding in every city in which we operate. You’re getting a piece of history and if you look deeply enough, we bet you’ll find something of yourself and what it is you want to become in every item.