Kids Only: 5 Amazing Themed Rooms


Kids Only: 5 Amazing Themed Rooms

By Jane Blanchard

Via: Zillow Digs

It’s time to go beyond the ordinary pink and blue and create a whole new bedroom experience for the kids. Update the decor, furniture, and structural architecture to indulge their sense of adventure and fuel their imaginations. You’ll soon find you have the happiest kings and queens, pirates, astronauts, and explorers for children. So what does it take to think outside of the box? Perhaps the promise of loot and gold might serve as inspiration.

It’s All About the Bed

Via: Zillow Digs
Via: Zillow Digs

The perfect room can’t have a less-than-perfect bed. It completes the picture by adding a real-life sense of adventure. Don’t skimp on details either since the bed is often the focal point of the bedroom. With the ocean for a room and a sunken ship for a bed, you might never have the problem of little children sneaking into your bed again. With that said, we think we just heard you get on board.

Indulge in a Sense of Mystery

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Princess or not, there is nothing better to a kid than to have a secret all their own that they can choose to expose. In a themed room, take the initiative to create a hidden passageway, an unseen door, or a secret closet.

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Having this all to themselves will help them feel independent, special, and all grown-up.

Murals Enhance Imagination

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A mural is the next best thing to achieving the most awesome themed kids’ room. Don’t be afraid to cover every inch, nook, and cranny to fuel your kid’s sense of adventure. The mural should express their unique interests and individuality in a space that’s all their own.

To Each Their Own

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If you’ve got the space, define specific and designated areas for the kids. The separate log cabins in this themed room clearly allows for the kids to claim their own territory which can help reduce squabbling. You know the kind, the “It’s not my mess”, “That’s her stuff” type.

Make It Fun

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Although most kids, and adults too, wish their bedrooms looked like this, all parents know the kids would choose to never sleep, never go to school, and never leave their room. But having a sense of fun-and-games is still vital to a themed room to make it feel enjoyable to a kid. Perhaps something more like this would do…

Via: Zillow Digs
Via: Zillow Digs

Whoever said only kids enjoy themed rooms?

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There’s no doubt that kids’ rooms are much more fun than grown-ups’ rooms. It wouldn’t be surprising if you found yourself bunking under the stars or on the ocean floor in your child’s room. Adults could learn a thing or two from children who can master living everyday as an adventure. So don’t squash their dreams — instead encourage it by making their own living space a reflection of the world they take pleasure in.

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