Lettermade: Bringing Back the Art of Table Linens


If there is one thing that just screams south of the Mason-Dixon line, it’s a classic, well made, crisp white linen. Emblazoned with a three-letter monogram, a welcoming pineapple, or a dozen other options, embroidered linens have made their way back into the hearts of a new generation of southern women, and Florida native and Lettermade entrepreneuress, Malia Dreyer, is leading the way.


Launched just over two months ago, Lettermade is taking traditional table linens and kicking them up a notch. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of tongue-and-cheek to your bar cart or hoping to find that perfect personalized gift for your mother in law, Lettermade has a cocktail napkin fit for everyone. And trust me, the shop’s unique designs make it difficult not to toss every style into your shopping cart.

But the shop is more than just a store filled with pretty household additions; it’s a nostalgic place that captures the essence of what it means to be a lady and hostess exuding southern hospitality. In fact, Dreyer says “A hostess is a woman that finds a reason to celebrate ‘the everyday’ and dresses up for the occasion!” She then adds if only we could “get a glimpse of what the 1950s and 1960s looked like when my grandparents would entertain or have dinner parties! Keeping tradition alive, being a good hostess, and most of all the importance of time with family and friends all go back to entertaining in the home.”


It’s this idea of home entertaining and southern hospitality that Lettermade aims to achieve. “It’s the little details,” Dreyer says, “Fresh flowers and the pieces in a home that tell a story. I hope that what I make for others will be part of fabulous get-togethers and keepsakes for the years to come.”” Imagine the parties now: the cocktails that will be sipped, the hands that will hold Lettermade’s napkins, and the people who will make the memories happen.