Nice to “Meat” You


All morning today, the word “sushi” just ran round and round in my head. Visions of spicy tuna rolls and wasabi danced in my head. You see, my wife and I were able to drop the boys off at their Aunt Rachel’s house and we had a date day for the first time in what turned out to be 5 months. We decided that we were going to eat somewhere that we would not typically take our boys….something a little bit more sophisticated than Chick-fil-a (I know, they are closed on Sundays). So we ventured to downtown Asheville, and immediately we changed gears. Forget sushi, hello Brazilian steakhouse! Recently, Asheville opened Brasilia Steakhouse in the location that used to be Magnolia’s. If you are not familiar with the concept of a Brazilian steakhouse, it is pretty simple. You sit, you eat. Each patron receives a card that almost looks like a coaster, one side is red, the other side is green. “Gauchos” run around the restaurant with massive skewers of meat, if your card is green side up, they stop and top you off with whatever meat they are carrying. If your card is red side up, you almost don’t exist as they go past you to another meat-crazed patron. Brilliant. We had been to two other Brazilian steakhouses since we met. Fogo De Chao in Atlanta, and one on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. The NCL version was disappointing. Fogo De Chao was a carnivore’s dream come true.

Brasilia Steakhouse in Asheville
Brasilia Steakhouse – Asheville, NC

Before you manically devour meat, there is a salad bar. I learned my lesson at Fogo, the salad bar is filled with all sorts of cheeses, olives, fruits, etc. The salad bar is also a distraction. If you want meat, do not fill up on the salad bar.

Brasilia Steakhouse in Asheville
The salad bar, don’t get drawn in by its siren song…

The service at Brasilia was spot on. Sure, our sweet tea was delivered a bit late with an apology, but hey, I was not sitting there for the tea. The Gauchos were great. Prefontaine, Usain Bolt, and Tyson Gay ran laps around the restaurant brandishing their spike batons. Parmesan crusted Pork, flank steak, bacon wrapped filet mignon…and many more. I, armed with my mini tongs, gladly accepted their offerings.

Brasilia Steakhouse in Asheville
Green means “go”

Sadly, dessert was not in the stars for me this afternoon. They offered. I declined. I may have said “no thank you”, or I may have just grunted while shaking my head at that point. I don’t know, it was a blur. A fantastic, medium rare, blur.

Brasilia Steakhouse in Asheville

There are so many restaurants in Asheville. Many of them are variations of their neighbor. Many of them good, some of them…well, we will see who occupies that space next. Hopefully Brasilia is here to stay. Hopefully you show a little more restraint than I did. But most of all, hopefully you enjoy yourself with whomever accompanies you, as much as I did.