OBX Beach Driving Tips


Beach driving on the Outer Banks is one of the best parts of Outer Banks vacations. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Outer Banks in a new way while driving on the beach. Places like Carova Beach and Hatteras Island are two of the best places to drive on the beach. If you are getting ready for an exciting beach driving adventure during your Outer Banks vacations, check out these tips to be prepared. 

Before the Drive 
• Make sure you use a four-wheel drive vehicle. These are the best vehicles to drive through the sand. If you do not have a 4WD vehicle, you can rent one or take a tour from a local business. 
• Check to see if the area requires a permit. For example, you must have an ORV permit if you want to drive on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. 
• Ensure that the car’s tires have the right air pressure. You should decrease the pressure in the tires before driving on the beach. If the sand is soft, your tires should have lower pressure. 
• Take a shovel and a tow strap with you just in case the vehicle gets stuck in the sand. 
• Check for any updates to rules. 
• Stay updated on information about fishing licenses if you are planning on fishing. 
• Look up information about the tides.

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During the Drive
• Drive slowly and watch out for others on the beach. Follow the speed limit in each area. 
• Use the designated ramps to travel into the beach area and out of the beach area. 
• Leave the proper amount of space for other vehicles when you are parking on the beach. 
• Avoid driving in the ocean or too close to the ocean. Avoid driving on the dunes as well. 
• Do not spin the tires of your car if you do get stuck on the beach. You should use the shovel to dig near the tires and create a path. 
• Avoid driving on the beach at night. 
• Protect the environment and do not litter on the beach. 
• Do not feed wild horses. You may see these horses while you spend time on the northern beaches of the Outer Banks. You should also not get closer than 50 feet to these horses. 

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After the Drive 
• Wash the vehicle after you have spent time driving on the beach. 
• Increase the pressure in your tires once you are back on the normal roads.

It is very important to follow the proper rules and regulations while you are driving on the beach on the Outer Banks. Make sure to stay updated on the latest rules and regulations for beach driving during your OBX vacations. Enjoy your unique Outer Banks adventure while driving on the beach!

OBX, North Carolina

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