Pink House Press


When Carolann Belk had the bright idea to honor her alma mater with a koozie, she didn’t really know that it would change her life forever.  One hand-made letterpress and seven states later, Pink House Press is bringing southern pride to your walls and beer-cans one design at a time.

Carolann is the epitome of a southern lady, but with a bit of an edge. She radiates southern values, inviting me into her home without so much the blink of an eye, but she also has that go-getter entrepreneur spirit that is necessary to be a successful businesswoman. From designing a print to rolling on the paint to packing products, her hands and her stamp of approval adorns every Pink House Press order.  Spending the days as a web-designer, Carolann longed to head back to her roots of print design. She explains, “I wanted to do something crafty and get back into the print world as a hobby. Luckily, it turned into something profitable!”


She describes her work as simple and sweet, but with obvious southern details. Each of her designs is themed around famous songs about the represented state; you can’t help but feel nostalgic as you sift through her Etsy shop.  Carolann says, “I wanted to appeal to the southern girl in every girl. Koozies are a very southern thing, and they have such a southern vibe to them. Even if I eventually do states that aren’t southern, I want them to have the hand-crafted southern feel.”


As a 2011 University of North Carolina graduate, Carolann is already seeing huge successes in the design world: her koozies were recently featured in Southern Weddings magazine, and she participates regularly in the West Elm local initiative. But, Carolann still has big plans for her little business. Next on her list? Greeting cards and personalized stationary. With at least forty-three more states to go and dozens of designs on the horizon, Pink House Press is here to stay.