Places You Must Experience in the Heart of Savannah: Forsyth Park


As you enter Forsyth Park, you are drawn in by the enchantment and serenity of the trees. Depending on the time of day, you will see people walking their dogs, having lunch on a bench by the fountain, or runners who desire a little calming scenery during their workout. It is a perfect spot to go read, have a picnic, or take a post meal stroll with a date. The historic fountain captivates you with its stunning detail. One can’t help but stop to admire this Parisian water feature. As you walk further, you see gates that lead to a private garden where you find beautiful blooms of all sorts. The park itself is twenty plus acres and leaves room for numerous activities or relaxation depending on your agenda. It is a must see that leaves you walking away feeling refreshed and maybe even a little inspired.