Reggie Kelly, Former NFL Player Knows FOOTBALL and GREAT FOOD


Are you excited that the 2014 College and NFL Season is here? My household has been sitting on READY, SET, HUT…. We all know great products make any tailgate a true success and that is where KYVAN™ Foods steps in!

Hello my name is Reggie Kelly, a native of Aberdeen, Mississippi, graduate of Mississippi Sate University, the original Bulldogs, #HAILSTATE! After playing 13 years in the National Football League with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Atlanta Falcons, I recently decided to hang up the cleats for my other passion, GOOD FOOD

Reggie Kelly KYVAN Foods
Reggie Kelly, Master of both the gridiron and the cast iron.

In 2008, the idea of going into the food business became a thought and few years later, in 2011 KYVAN™ products hit the shelves. Our products are based on family recipes. We named our KYVAN™ Food line after my two children, Kyla and Kavan. Our products cater to your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs. Our KYVAN™ Honey Apple Butter, KYVAN™ Honey Apple Salsa, KYVAN™ Sweet BBQ Sauce, KYVAN™ Sesame Garlic BBQ Sauce, KYVAN™ Hot Wing Sauce, KYVAN™ Original Hot Sauce, KYVAN™ Seasonings and KYVAN™ Jambalaya Sauce are currently sold throughout the Southeast in various speciality stores and various Walmarts. KYVAN™ can also be purchased online at our website or Amazon.


I come from a long line of soulful cooks, not professional chefs, but cooks. My family always told me, ‘When you cook, make sure you do it with love..cook in such a way that first-time visitors will feel welcomed and at home.”

Our KYVAN™ products are blended with fresh vegetables, spices and herbs..nothing but the best, with a short and easy to understand ingredient list. Our wing sauces are hard to resist, especially during the Football Season!!! We want you to get your lips popping and your jaws dropping for these yummy KYVAN™ Ribs engulfed with our KYVAN™Sweet BBQ Sauce.





  • 2 Slabs of baby back ribs
  • Gallon of apple cider or apple juice
  • KYVAN Dry BBQ Rub
  • KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce


1. Clean ribs and remove the thin film on bottom of ribs.
2. Season ribs with desired amounts of BBQ rub and then place ribs
in a deep aluminum pan.
3. Pour apple cider over the ribs and let marinade overnight in
refrigerator (covered).
4. Before cooking, remove from apple cider and slightly pat ribs dry.
Add more rub if desired.
5. Let ribs become room temperature and set grill to 250-275 degrees
(charcoal grill is preferred).
6. Let ribs cook for 2 hrs (don’t flip ribs) and then brush BBQ sauce
on ribs and let cook another 30 minutes.
7. Remove ribs from grill and enjoy.


Tailgate in order to be great, you must have great tailgating products. You have found the right selection here at KYVAN!™



Reggie Kelly, Founder & CEO of KYVAN™ Foods, NFL Player, Author of PREPARED: Body, Mind & Spirit, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram .