The Roaming Gnome’s Top 5 Asheville Breweries for a Weekend Beer Tour




Whether you’re a casual beer lover or a raving hophead then you belong in Asheville, NC.  The artsy mountain town has more breweries per capita than any other city in the country, and more brewing operations (from the likes of Sierra Nevada and New Belgium) are coming soon.

Access to all those suds could be overwhelming to a thirsty weekend traveler, so the Roaming Gnome has selflessly taken it upon himself to test out Asheville’s best tasting rooms to create the quintessential beer lover’s guide:

Highland Brewery
This is the oldest, and currently the largest local brewery in Asheville. Go for the Gaelic Ale and Oatmeal Porter, stay for the outdoor pavilion and live music.

“If you’re there in the fall, get your gob on some Cold Mountain. It goes faster than you can say ‘it goes fast’ which is very, very fast indeed.”—RG

Burial Beer Co.
The new small-batch brewery in the South Slope brewing district, Burial is entirely family-run and very kid-friendly. But that doesn’t stop them from paying incredible attention to craft with creative brews like their Counter CultureCoffee Saison Series.

“They have toe tags on all their taps. Which is good because you may keel over from beer deliciousness.” —RG

Wicked Weed Brewing
The polar opposite of Burial, this massive beer haven in Downtown Asheville has fire pits and tasting tables for days. And Belgians, Saisons, and IPA’s for days too.

“They have a downstairs tasting room, an upstairs tap room and a restaurant. I tried to move in but they didn’t have a bedroom.” —RG

Green Man Brewery
Also in the South Slope brewing district, this quirky Local favorite started as a brewpub and grew from there. It really hops at night so be sure to include it on your brewery hopping tour.

“If you ask very nicely they just might give you a tour of their new tank room. I showed them a little leg. Seemed to work.” —RG

Wedge Brewing
In the River Arts District, this brewery takes flights seriously with 8 half pints per taster. The tasting room itself is quite cozy, but the outdoor area is abundant and it’s worth a visit for the amazing mechanical barking dog sculpture alone.

“Touring the River Arts District makes one very thirsty. Fortunately the Julian Price Pilsner perfectly fixed up that particular problem.”—RG

And finally, no Asheville brewery tour would be complete without a stop at locally –owned Bruisin’ Ales.Named one of the top 10 bottle shops in the U.S. it’s not a brewery per se, but has 1,000 beers in stock, which make for perfect souvenirs.

To start planning your Asheville beer getaway, check out Travelocity’s Asheville vacation page.

This article, The Roaming Gnome’s Top 5 Asheville Breweries for a Weekend Beer Tour, is syndicated from Travelocity and is posted here with permission.