Stay Healthy and Hydrated with Raleigh, NC’s Humdinger Juice


In the South, meat is king and sweets are queen….and every now and then you need a break.

Fresh, raw, and organic cold-press juices offering a healing respite from the everyday strain we put on our bodies and digestive tracts. Luckily for us, a local juice supplier is now on the map.humdinger

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL JUICE HABIT! is the slogan for Raleigh, North Carolina-based Humdinger Juice. Founder Colin Fickes, an actor who’s appeared in movies like Transformers and shows like “One Tree Hill,” started the company after not being able to find the product in the area. “Like many entrepreneurs struck by an idea, Fickes didn’t have a business plan,” wrote Virginia Bridges in the Raleigh News & Observer.

Nowadays, Humdinger offers six juices, weekly subscriptions, national delivery, and can be found at spots around Raleigh, including The Morning Times and Open Door Yoga.

“Despite what The Rolling Stones say,” notes the company’s website, “time is NOT always on our side. In this crazy, hectic world we live in, finding the time to focus on you and your health is not always a simple task. Here at Humdinger, we believe in giving you the precious time to keep it simple, honest and pure.”

The vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals found in fruit and vegetable juices help to protect against cardiovascular disease, various inflammatory diseases (like arthritis), and cancer. By drinking freshly made juice, you allow your body to retain the good stuff without putting pressure on your digestive system to break it down.

All of Humdinger’s juices—with names like  Glow, Balance, and Calm—have a lifespan of 4 days. Others can sit on the shelf for months due to the addition of preservatives, but at Humdinger, “by slowly and carefully grinding, mixing and pressing organic vegetables and fruit, [the company keeps] necessary and crucial enzymes, minerals and other vital nutrients alive for your drinking (and healthy) pleasure.” And by adding filtered water to the juice, they help you avoid a spike in blood sugar.

No matter where you are in the South, you can try a Humdinger cleanse today. Visit their website to learn more!