Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials


Summer is here and every lady needs a few essentials to look cute and stay cool. Summer is about getting a few sunburns, vacation, and watching the fireflies at night.I’ve picked a few things that I know will keep you girls looking cool as a cucumber. Not as cool as the actual cucumbers in my new favorite drink the Gin Rickey but more on that later.
1. Looking good in the blistering sun is easier with a messy bun to keep you hair up. If you want to make it extra cute flip your head upside down and French braid your hair starting at the nape of the neck all the way up to your crown, then make your messy bun. Use a hair doughnut if you need too.
2. Adding sparkle to outfits is the perfect way to spice up and outfit. These Kendra Scott earrings are the perfect price and neutral enough to be worn with a ton of things.
3. Draper James is the new line by Reese Witherspoon. Everything from housewares to cute clothes and accessories is inspired by her southern upbringing. This cute tote by her new line is a perfect way to add a little sass to anything. You are sure to get a few complements too because let’s face it. It’s adorable.
4. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right lipstick in the summer. You don’t want something heavy plus you need something with sunscreen in it. Eos lip balms are perfect. They come in great flavors, aren’t sticky but still provide a nice gloss, and are actually pretty easy to find in your purse because of the usual shape. Stock up on them and stash them everywhere. Your bag, the car, and your nightstand.
5. I’m loving Starbucks new infused green teas they have for the summer. I’m not a big iced coffee fan, or a coffee fan in general so these are the perfect antidote for a boring work afternoon when you need a little caffeine pick me up.

6. Basically anything Benefit does I’m a fan of. I haven’t tried one of their products that I haven’t loved. This is no different. Everyone gets sunscreen for their body but you can’t forget your face too. This works double duty as its matte formula that will cut down on shine. Because remember ladies. Girls in the south don’t sweat, they glisten.

7. Oh Lilly. Where to start? I know the Summer Target Launch wasn’t your fault. I know it made some people mad that you were even doing a line with Target. Those people are buffoons. What I will say is nothing says summer quite like a Lilly print. No matter where it was purchased from.

8. Espadrilles are huge this summer. Flats or wedges it makes no difference. I picked these Tory Burch ones because anyone that’s ever had anything Tory knows the quality is amazing. Plus it doesn’t hurt that these are cute too.

9. Bourbon and Boweties bracelets are perfect to add to any summer outfit. They come in a rainbow of fun colors and are quirky and different. Layer them if you want. I prefer to wear a single one at time though.