The Fifth Annual Bully Ball – recap


On Saturday, February 15th, I attended The Fifth Annual Bully Ball at the St. Regis in Atlanta. This is my second year in a row attending the event, and I must say, even though last year’s Bully Ball was a great event, this year’s was absolutely amazing. The Bully Ball, in case you did not know, is a black tie event that benefits the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue. There is a dinner, a silent auction, a raffle, a live auction, and if that were not enough, a casino night.

photo 1 (43)

First, the evening got off to a fun note when our car pulled up and we were let out in front of a pretty cool chrome Bentley. Bentley was offering up an experience package in the live auction. That, or someone just needed to show off their ride.

photo 2 (42)

Cocktail hour took place just outside the ball room. There were mascots from The Citadel and Mississippi State University (both Bulldogs). 

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The event was organized by Kelley Brim Hollowell and Bill Fralic, Co-chairs. Kelley is the founder of the Bully Ball, and Bill played for the Atlanta Falcons and is a prominent figure in Atlanta.

Bully Ball table setting

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The food was great. I have been to similar events in the past and the food was kind of boring. There was caprese “Napolean”, followed by Filet Mignon with risotto and veggies. Dessert was an interesting take on a creme brulee. It was served in a champagne flute, and instead of the caramelized sugar on top of the custard, it was resting as a disc on top of the glass. Awesome.

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After dinner and the live auction was the casino night. Unlike last year, I did pretty well in the casino.


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If this year’s party was any indication of what next year’s will be like, we are in for a treat. Hope to see you there!