The Florida Keys: Visit and Live in the American Caribbean


The Florida Keys are one of the most popular vacation and retirement destinations in the United States. Over 150 miles of tiny islands stretch south past Florida to the outskirts of the Carribbean. Thousands of visitors and snowbirds flock to the Florida Keys each year for the endless summer, world-class fishing and open-arms culture that had made the Florida Keys and Key West a popular location for all types of visitors. Whether its middle class families or Presidents, the Florida Keys offers a diverse lifestyle that is beloved by those especially in the South.


Go Back to a More Relaxed Time

As soon as you hit the Keys, a sense of relaxation and calm reaches you. Known as one of the most scenic biways in America, the drive from Key Largo to Key West is breathtaking and one enjoyed at a slow pace. Small mom and pop dives await on each Key, each bringing a different style to cuisine, drinks and souvenirs. No Shoes, no shirt, no problems is taken literal in the Keys and can be seen walking into most businesses where you are more likely to see a dog sleeping on the floor than a credit card machine. Island time is the only time locals follow, also known as Conch Time in Key West. So leave your worries on the Miami Highway and enjoy the easygoingness around you.



Caribbean Beauty without Leaving the United States

You will notice the breathtaking clear water and lush foliage while driving down Highway 1. The Florida Keys is one of the few places in the United States that offers such clear waters. Located on the outskirts of the Caribbean, the Keys have a wide variety of plants, animals and marine life that are must-sees when in the Florida Keys. Swim with dolphin and manatee, go deep sea fishing for big game, or enjoy the quirky roosters and iguanas located on Key West. Every outdoor activity is practically available in the Keys whether you enjoy boating, snorkeling, diving or biking. No matter what your favorite fun thing to do is, the Florida Keys offers the perfect place for it.



History Meets the Tropics

The Florida Keys is the perfect place to visit for history buffs. First visited in the 1500’s and established in the 1800’s, the Keys have played home to pirates, cigar makers, drug runners and famous writers like Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams. VIsit the places where history occurred, walk the halls of Hemingway and visit museums commemorating these historic occurences.



Not Just A Great Place to Visit

Visiting the Florida Keys is great, but many are now choosing to own on the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys real estate market offers a great opportunity for anyone who loves these things about the Keys to own. Whether you enjoy historic conch homes or a home with easy access to your favorite things, there are hundreds available that can make your island dream a reality. Many homes are rented for a portion of the year and then available to the homeowner for their snowbirding nest. Stick around long enough and you too will even become a true Conch!


The Florida Keys is not only breathtaking, but a place that holds a deep meaning to all who visit or call her home. Airfare is relatively inexpensive to visit the Keys and find out why so many call this beloved Southern Oasis their home away from home.

About the Author

Lynn Black has recently packed up her bags from the Outer Banks of North Carolina and moved to Southernmost Key, Key West Florida. She is the Marketing Manager at Sellstate Island Properties and enjoys her days writing, paddling, boating, fishing and playing with her two dogs Gus and Kona as well as her husband Ryan. Enjoying her new life, she is becoming apart of the tight-knit community and is on her way to becoming a “Freshwater Conch”.