Top US Cities For Having Over The Top Music Experience This Summer


Here’re Top US Cities For Having Over The Top Music Experience This Summer

Spring and summers are the best seasons when it comes to going a little overboard regarding enjoying your life. Once Christmas and New Year Celebrations are over, people get back to their works and start following their usual life once again. Yes, after you are done with enjoying your white Christmas and peak winters, the focus once again shifts to your normal life, wherein you have to take your schools, colleges, and jobs seriously.

However, as the Spring season begins to knock at your door, you again start having an urge to break the monotony in your life by doing something interesting. You either start planning those perfect camping trips or feel like enjoying some hard concerts. If I have to choose between these two, I will surely go for the second option because music is what keeps me going.

In fact, learning music is also an excellent option for students during the summer season. They can find out best music academies like NYJA to learn Jazz music during summer holidays. In this way, they can use their summer vacations in a productive manner by enhancing their musical skills.

There is no denying the fact that Americans love music more than anything else, and hence you will find that different cities start hosting their music festivals right from the month of February. However, you will notice that the madness for music reaches its peak during April, May and June, the wherein maximum number of music festivals are hosted across the country.

Read on to find out which are most exciting cities in the US to visit this summer when it comes to enjoying some excellent music.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Visit Fort Lauderdale For Enjoying Some Amazing Music  

If you are a music lover, you must visit Fort Lauderdale – a beautiful coastal city in the state of Florida. You can enjoy the “Tortuga Music Festival 2017” in Fort Lauderdale, which will be hosted in the month of April. This three-day long music festival starting April 7 is one the most exciting events that take place in the city during the summer season. The music festival that is organized by the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park allows you to experience some stunning musical performances. If you are looking forward to seeing the performances of all the leading music artists in the country, you must visit Fort Lauderdale in the month of April.

Explore Florence A Town In Arizona

Florence which is an alluring town in the state of Arizona is another interesting place to visit this summer if you want to catch up with some absorbing musicians. The town of Florence hosts a music event called the “Country Thunder Arizona” which offers an unforgettable experience to music enthusiasts. The festival takes place every year in the most of April. And this year the event will be held from 6th to 9th April.

Once you are done with enjoying striking music, you can explore the town as it has a lot to offer.

Florence, AZ

Discover Phoenix In AZ

Make your summers even more exciting by visiting the capital city of Arizona. It is a great place to be with your entire family as you can do multiple fun-filled activities out there. If you visit this city in the month of April, you can explore a music festival called “Phoenix Lights 2017” which will be organized in the second week of the month. Make sure that when you visit the city, you go there for at least a week; otherwise, you won’t be able to discover its beauty to the fullest.

Santa Barbara, CA

Enjoy Your Summers In Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara is one of the best cities in the country to spend some fantastic time during the summers. The city is located in the state of California and is visited by a wide range of tourists during the summers. The best part of exploring it during the summers is that you can enjoy art and music festival called Lucidity Festival. The Lucidity Festival 2017 will run from 7th to 9th April, and you can have pure fun during that time. It’s better if you can attend this festival with all your family members as it offers endless fun.

Dallas, TX

Have Fun With Your Family In Dallas, Texas

If you are looking forward to exploring an event called “Something Wonderful 2017” you must travel to Dallas in Texas in the month of April. This music festival will run from 22nd to 23rd April, and you can see some of the best artists performing over there. Dallas is a great city, and if you have not visited it yet, explore it this summer.

New York, NY

Discover The New York City 

New York City is one of the best places on the Earth, and you must explore it once in your lifetime. Its cosmopolitan culture defines the city in the best way possible. It’s not only a city of opportunities and but a perfect place to have maximum fun. The city will host Governors Ball Music Festival 2017 in the month of June, so make sure that you never forget to attend it.

If you want to have a great time during summers, make sure that you visit some of the above mentioned cities.


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