Wear A True Blue This Season


Ask a dozen people about their favorite color, and you’re likely to hear at least five of them say blue. It’s the color of delphinium blossoms, a cloudless sky or the Caribbean — a coolly serene shade that’s as versatile as it is beautiful. As your favorite pair of jeans, blue is a casual hue. In rich velvet or navy silk, it’s regal enough for a red-carpet event. Blue never goes out of style, but for spring, this cool hue is also one of the hottest.

Pantone may have picked blue’s blushing cousin Radiant Orchid as its color of 2014, but the color specialists don’t get the only vote on the season’s best shades. At Benjamin Moore, a celestial pale blue the color of an early morning sky is the hue of the moment. One reason the company chose a soft blue as its color of the year is its ability to take on different personalities. Shades of blue can feel cool and tranquil, but they can also become as warm and cozy as your favorite flannel throw when paired with other pastels.

The blue mood that feels so fresh in home decor right now is also a hot trend in women’s clothing, says the team at Pantone. They list Dazzling Blue, a vibrant Aegean hue, as the most popular color for women’s fashions in 2014. The rich color found its way into more than 17 percent of all runway shows, sometimes as a featured color and other times as a background player. That’s why blue is such a good choice for any wardrobe; depending on how you wear your favorite shade of blue, it can play a supporting role or grab the spotlight. The Fresh Produce Clothing catalog shows you how to get inspired and wear the blues.

Combine Blues Fearlessly

Who says you only have room for one shade of blue at a time? Blues can play beautifully with one another when you balance them correctly. For example, hints of mustard yellow and crisp white keep the blue hues working in harmony. Because subdued blues act as neutrals, they form the backdrop for a tone-on-tone ensemble. Try dark indigo jeans with a turquoise or sky blue sweater over a white T-shirt. Pull in a complementary warm color in your accessories to punctuate your all-blue statement. Yellow, gold and cantaloupe are all fine choices.

Textures and prints can also keep your blues from going flat. A lace skirt, a cable-knit sweater or a floral print creates visual variety when you wear similar shades of blue. Separate your blues by more than a few shades for a more unified look. Navy and powder blue play well off each other, but powder and ice blue hues are so close together that they can clash if they aren’t separated.

Blues Hues for Your Skin Tone

Everyone can wear some shades of blue, but the right blues truly make you glow. Are you fair skinned with a rosy undertone to your skin? You’ll look magnificent in true royal blue, indigo and navy. When you wear pastel blues, look for periwinkle and lavender-infused shades. Be careful with blue-green and aqua tones that could emphasize ruddiness. If your fair skin has more of a golden undertone, turquoise and aquamarine blues are for you. You’re also meant for the soft, muted pastels, but look out for lilac-tinged blues; they can lead to a sallow cast.

If you have darker skin, you can wear almost any shade of blue. Take a look at Lupita Nyong’o in a brilliant turquoise Gucci gown at the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards recently, and you’ll see how amazing bright blues can look on deeper skin tones. For very dark complexions, navy can sometimes look a bit too subdued, so play to your strengths with vibrant shades of blue or delicate pastels.

Do Denim Right

Jeans are a fixture in almost everyone’s wardrobe, and many jeans are blue. The cool indigo of a new pair of jeans works with almost any color, so skip the pre-faded varieties and reach for true blue. Retro acid-wash jeans are trying to make a comeback, but don’t be tempted; they haven’t been away long enough for anyone to miss them much, so pass on this fad. Artfully ripped or scuffed jeans were everywhere on the spring and summer runways, but you don’t need a designer to charge you more money for extra holes. Stick to classic indigo and pair it with a white cotton button-down shirt for a timeless look that’s always in style.

Embrace blue for spring this year and enjoy the season’s most wearable color. Whether you live in your jeans or want a more sophisticated take on the little black dress, blue can be your hue for the season.

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Alison Johnston is a writer living in the greater Denver area who enjoys writing about women’s fashion and seasonal trends. She is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder where she studied Creative Writing and Graphic Design. When she isn’t writing you will find her venturing throughout the neighboring mountains or practicing her snow dance.